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Ordering FAQ

This page will be reserved for a few frequently asked questions regarding ordering and shipping. If you want detailed information regarding the Biosuperfood product itself, please refer to the Information Page and its sub-pages.



1. How do I place an order?


You can currently place an order on the website or through email (see Contact Us Page). The quickest and most convenient way will be to place your order through the website or via email.



2. What payment options are available?


We currently accept payments through PayPal, e-Transfers (‎) or cash. Orders are handled through our online store when ordered online. You can feel confident that your order and payments are dealt with securely and confidentially. 



3. How does shipping work?


We use Canada Post (XPressPost) for shipping orders. Shipping costs will vary depending on the amount ordered. As an example, we typically can send 3 bottles of 180 capsules anywhere in Canada for about $15.00 (more or less, depending where you are in Canada and usually takes about 3 to 5 business days). We do our best to get the product shipped within 2 business days after the order is received when it is possible.
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