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Biosuperfood FAQ

This page will be reserved for a few frequently asked questions regarding the Biosuperfood product. For detailed information, please refer to the Resources Page.



1. What is the Biosuperfood product?


The Biosuperfood product is the result of 13 years of well-funded research by the Soviet Union government and led by a researcher named Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD, ND. This blend has been used in agricultural and human applications for over 30 years.
The Biosuperfood product is a blend of four microalgae (phytoplankton) that have been selected amongst thousands. They are hydroponically grown to their highest potential and then freeze-dried. They pack nutritional density like no other food on the planet while having a very high assimilation. The blend of these microalgae provide thousands of nutrients in each capsules consumed. The Biosuperfood capsules contain a whole, raw food, to help maintain body health and also heal the body when illness is present.


The Biosuperfood product is also a whole food, that provides optimum cellular nutrition. The thousands of micro-nutrients found in these synergistic blends nourish every single cell in the body, including those of the brain and eyes as it has been proven to be able to cross the “blood brain” and the “retinal” barriers.
The four strains of microalgae used are:
  • Spirulina platensis (floating blue/green algae in images below)
  • Spirulina pacifica (floating blue/green algae in images below)
  • Dunaliella salina (yellow microalgae in images below)
  • Haematococcus pluvialis (red microalgae in images below)























2. How is the Biosuperfood product different than other microalgae (phyplankton) products?


The research made to develop this product was well funded, and because of this, experiments were made on hundreds of thousands of animals with this product before it was given to humans. It now has been used in both agricultural and human applications for over 30 years. Private companies usually don't have the financial resources to do research on that scale. Dr Kiriac was also likely the very first to develop micro-algae for human consumption. As many claim to be pioneers, they are probably not aware that Dr Kiriac has been working with microalgae for many years. Already in 1986, the concept was ready. This was a great help for those affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
Most phytoplankton products on the market today are composed of a single algae as opposed to a blend of algae. Depending on the actual type of algae used, some are more easily digested and absorbed than others. The Biosuperfood product is a result of many years of research showing that a specific blend of four microalgae provides a synergistic effect allowing the positive health impact on health to be multiplied by many factors as opposed to when each strain is taken individually.
Many products available on the market today are not grown in closed systems.Some use "filtered sea water" while others use open pools or ponds. Open pools and ponds are likely going to contain pollutants. Even though some filtering systems can be very sophisticated, it is highly unlikely that any of them will eliminate ALL pollutants from the water (we all know that pollutants are going up at an alarming rate!). Global radioactivity rates are also on the rise (both in air and sea water). In the case of the Biosuperfood product, it is produced in Siberia (one of the areas on the globe that has little pollution), in closed systems that use mineral rich volcanic well water. The wells are very deep and sealed so as to not be impacted by pollution and not easily reachable with global rising radioactivity levels.
If you want to know more about what sets the Biosuperfood product apart from other products in further details, please take the time to read this article: BAC A Breed Apart.pdf



3. How will taking the Biosuperfood product benefit my health?


The main concept behind the Biosuperfood product is based on cellular nutrition. Feed each cell of the body with the best possible fuel, and the whole organism will be better equipped and balanced to prevent illness. “Biosuperfood, an exclusive blend of microalgae, restores the inner genius of the body to assure optimum cellular nutrition. It sparks the body’s own revolution against aging and declining health.” (Dr Michael Kiriac, PhD, ND - researcher and inventor of the Biosuperfood product).
One analogy that can be used is regarding a vehicle. When you put regular fuel in a vehicle, it functions and performs relatively normally. When you put water instead of fuel in a vehicle, it essentially does not function at all.  However, when you use high grade fuel in a vehicle, it will perform better and also have cleaner and longer lasting engine components. The human body is a biological machine that when nourished with poor quality fuel (low nutrient foods or highly processed foods for example), it does not function in its optimum state. When you add Biosuperfood to your daily intake of quality foods, you are providing the body with a very nutrient dense food that will optimize biological functions - and in turn greatly improving your overall health. The glands in the human body that control all biological functions are also nourished and in turn will address a multitude of health issues.
People that take the Biosuperfood product often report a higher level of energy within days, and over the long term, find very little to no need for supplementation. Overall health is increased and many specific health concerns over time are controlled, reduced and often completely eliminated.



4. Who should take the Biosuperfood product?


Essentially EVERYONE should take the Biosuperfood product on a daily basis. This product is safe and approved by Health Canada for everyone: children, seniors, even pregnant women. It is particularly useful for those that place importance on their health, those struggling with health concerns, vegans and vegetarians, athletes, etc. Absolutely everyone can benefit from the rich nutrient content of the Biosuperfood product.
It’s nutrient density is like no other, providing high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients. It has been shown to be supportive in the maintenance of overall health and of a healthy immune system. It is also able to increase the efficiency of food digestion and absorption of nutrients as well. Much independent research shows that high quality nutrients awaken your body’s natural ability to heal. 
The American Cancer Society informs us that antioxidants and other carotenoids promote optimal health by boosting the immune system and protecting our cells from free radicals. The Biosuperfood product is approved by Health Canada as “A source of antioxidants”.



5. What is the difference between the different formulas (F1, F2 & F3)?


The three different formulas were developed to accommodate individual biochemistry. There are different needs for a developing child compared to an adult for example. An athlete or someone with serious illness would also have different needs.
All formulas contain the same blend of microalgae. However, the main difference between the formulas are their potency, which is derived from the larger amounts of red algae as you go from the F1 formula, to the F2 formula, to the F3 formula. The red algae are also stressed with light to increase their carotenoid content, just like apples become more red when they are stressed by sunlight. Because of the increased (larger) proportion of red algae from one formula to the other, the formulas have increasing brain reaching nutritional and protective efficiencies.
In essence, normally the F1 formula is recommended for children. The F2 formula is normally recommended for anyone who just wants to maintain good health. However, the F3 formula would normally be used by people that are battling illnesses, that are atheletes or have special requirements. The F3 formula is by far the strongest of all the formulas and all adults can benefit from it.


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