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Resources to learn about the Biosuperfood product

1. Biosuperfood: One supplement, total empowerment! Look at this document to learn 20 reasons why you should add Biosupferood to your daily regimen: Biosuperfood (20 Reasons).pdf
2. The Biosuperfood Usage Guidelines can be found in the following document: Biosuperfood (Usage Guidelines).pdf
3. You can find here a short article written by Roland Thomas on the Biosuperfood product: Article by Roland Thomas.pdf
4. An excellent book written by Roland Thomas that provides a lot of details and in-depth information regarding the Biosuperfood product: Awakening The Genius Within (Book).pdf
5. There is an excellent video that was produced by BioNutrition and BioAge that takes about 20 minutes of your time, but explains the history of the product. The video is called "The Magic is Bio Algae Contentrates":
6. Many people want to know what makes the Biosuperfood so far apart from any other phytoplankton (micralgae) product on the market today. Please take a few moments to read this great article to find out why: BAC A Breed Part.pdf
7. Roland Thomas has a website with extensive information available online ( Please feel free to browse this site for information There are a few sections of this website that might be of particularly interest to someone wanting to learn about the Biosuperfood product:
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