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Personal Testimony


On October 11th, 2010 I was diagnosed with a choroidal melanoma, which is a malignant tumor, in my right eye. At the age of 36, cancer had crossed my path. This type of cancer is relatively easy to treat with radiation in most cases, but the risks of metastasis remain the same even after treatment. The tumor had aggressive growth, even though not typical of this type of tumor as it approximately doubled in size from February 2010 to November 2010. It was however evaluated as a small tumor, despite the rapid growth, which does reduce the risks of metastasis.
I accepted radiation treatment. This meant brachytherapy, which is a method of applying local radiation to neutralize the tumor. I had to fly over 1500 kilometers away to receive treatment which was not available locally. Because of where the tumor was located in the eye, I was told that not only the retina would be exposed to radiation, but the center of vision along with the optic nerve. I was warned that I would almost certainly lose all vision in my right eye by the end of the first year, and the latest being at the end of 3 years.
I started taking the Biosuperfood product as a result of this diagnosis. I changed my diet to a strong alkaline diet (mostly vegan and daily fruit/vegetable juices, etc). I was also followed by an homeopath that has done wonders with my health in many regards. I believe that the combination of the Biosuperfood product, the homeopathic remedies, and the diet changes allowed the body to heal much quicker, combat the usual secondary effects of radiation and eliminate medications required for surgeries.
There was absolutely no growth from November 2010 to late January 2011. I also bounced out of surgeries remarkedly fast. Surgeons and nurses looked at me as if I was a ghost when they found me fully dressed and walking in the hallways an hour after surgery. Healing was fast. Vision loss has also been way slower than anticipated. In fact, I have retained nearly 100% of vision in my right eye even though it is now nearly 6 years after treatment. Despite the fact that the eye was exposed to radiation 24 hours per day for 7 days, there have been absolutely no secondary effects, including no hemorrhaging which is quite common. The specialist that is following me has said more than once that this is the best results he has ever seen in any patient that had a choroidal melanoma.
The Biosuperfood also helped health in general. At times, the entire family was ill, but my immune system was able to defend itself without me getting sick at all. I found that over time, long-running anxiety issues got better as well. Energy levels were better. I also found that I got great results even with mild physical training as the body heals and builds muscle much faster than usual. When going through a series of blood tests, I scored high on all of them. My family doctor laughed when he saw my cholesterol levels claiming I must have the best cholesterol reading in the whole area!
Since the BioSuperfood is food, and not an extract or chemical vitamin, I was able to take it right up to the day previous to my surgeries and started immediately after. Bleeding from surgeries was very low, healing was fast and pain tolerance was improved which resulted in fewer pain medication. My experience taking the BioSuperfood product has been very positive and I encourage you to give it a try - you will be surprised how many ways it can help you!
Please, do not hesitate to write if you have any questions.
Thanks for reading!
Bristen Bourque.
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